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Titel: Innovative Technologies for Mine Water Treatment
Startdatum: 13 Juli
Startzeit: 09:00
Stoppzeit: 16:00
Veranstalter: Dresdner Grundwasserforschungszentrum DGFZ e.V. mit Unterstützung des BWK
Ort: Leipzig

Pre-Conference Workshop at IMWA 2016 Congress –  July 11, 2016


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Minewater treatment is one of the essential necessities for operating a mine as well as for its closure and remediation. Besides controlling metal loads and acidity, mine water treatment may also be employed in producing water for mine internal processes like dust mitigation or ore processing as well as in producing water for agricultural uses. Mine water becomes increasingly valuable as a supplementary source of water for surrounding watersheds. In addition the treatment process may be optimized to enable extraction of valuable metals or other reusable substances from mine waters.
Minewater treatment processes that allow for the control of the water content, the density and the composition of the sludges can be provided. These properties of the sludges may greatly enhance the possibilities of transporting, storing or further processing them. In this way their reuse as a raw material for other processes may be facilitated.
Substances like Sulfate or Manganese are hard to remove. Controling them is of great interest to mining companies, authorities and the population. Thus options for the cost effective removal of these substances have to be developed.
In this course we will focus on active treatment technologies, which have been applied in the region and which can be applied to volume fluxes up to several m³/min.


The course will focus on six treatment technologies. For each site we will have a look at

  • the site itself and its initial hydrogeochemical and legalconditions
  • basic geochemical and technological concepts of thetreatment process
  • laboratory and bench scale based technological design oftreatment technologies and their upscaling
  • plant implementation
  • plant performance during start-up phase / lessons learned

The course will focus on the subsequent technologies:

  1. Prevention of contamination of surface waters by iron-hydroxide
  2. Removal of suspended iron-hydroxide loads from rivers
  3. Improvement of iron-hydroxide removal by intensifiedsettling processes (Experiences with high density sludgetechnology)
  4. Catalytic demanganisation and coal sludge removal
  5. Sulfate reduction: Assessment of suitability for mine waterremediation
  6. Inlake neutralisation and conditioning: Long termstabilization of pit lake water qualities


Please register with the enclosed registration card or online until June 01, 2016. Number of participants is limited to 25, minimum is eight. In case of cancellation, we kindly ask for a written notification. For cancellations after the deadline, we charge a cancellation fee of 25 Euro.


Seminar fee is 200 Euro per person. We offer an early bird fee of 150 € for registration until March 01, 2016. The invoice will be issued when the minimum number of particiants is reached.
The seminar fee includes charges for comprehensive seminar materials and catering (drinks during the breaks).



NOTE: Seminar language is English.



Seminar room at KUBUS Leipzig,
Permoserstraße 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany