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Titel: Hydrogeochemical Modeling with phreeqC (Tony Apello)
Startdatum: 22 August
Stoppdatum:  - 26 August
Veranstalter: Dresdner Grundwasserforschungszentrum DGFZ e.V. mit Unterstützung des BWK

The courses are intended to introduce the powerful capacity of PHREEQC for modeling practical hydrogeochemical problems. Lectures during the course provide an overview of the important processes in water quality. Hand and computer exercises from the 2nd edition of Appelo and Postma‘s ‚Geochemistry, Groundwater and Pollution form an integral part of the course.


During the course you will learn:

  • How to model laboratory experiments, such as determination of exchangeable cations, oxidation of pyrite with surface complexation of heavy metals released.
  • How to model hydrochemical reactions during artificial recharge, aquifer thermal energy storage, in situ iron removal.
  • To deduce reaction patterns along groundwater flowlines via inverse modeling, incl. data uncertainties, isotopes.
  • How to model any kinetic reaction, such as feldspar weathering, denitrification via sequential Monod kinetics.